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The Doctor Will See You Now
More Girls Are Getting Their Periods Earlier
The number of girls starting menarche early -- between 9 and 11 -- has doubled. Being overweight and socioeconomic status are among the factors that seem to play roles.
Failure Is Overrated
Failure is often seen as a prelude to future success. It may be that occasionally, but it can also lead us to be less generous to others.
The Kind of Help Heart Patients Need
One of the best things heart patients can do for themselves is to eat a heart-healthy diet. Yet few are given nutritional counseling.
A Call to Arms Against Bird Flu
Avian influenza has recently begun to infect humans. Scientists are developing vaccines against it to prevent a possible pandemic.
Introduce Peanuts Sooner Rather than Later
Peanut allergies can be life-threatening, but exposing children early can protect many from peanuts' effects into adolescence.
Fish Oil Supplements Pose Risks for Some
If you don't have heart problems, avoid taking these supplements. Fish oil can actually raise your risk of A-fib, heart failure and stroke.
What's the Best Way to Measure Exercise -- In Minutes or Steps?
You know you need to be active, but should you track your fitness journey in step counts or in terms of the amount of time spent exercising?
Fluoridated Water May Pose a Risk to Prenatal Development
Fluoride is great for your teeth, but perhaps not-so-great for the unborn. Pregnant people with fluoridated water may want to use a filter.
Vision Takes Baby Steps
Babies spend their first three months looking at high-contrast patterns and edges and six more months working on posture and head control.
Worried about Distracted Kids?
Parents, if you want to get your kids to pay more attention, banning tablets and phones is not necessarily the answer. Try this first.
The Signature of Multiple Sclerosis, Written in the Blood
A blood test that seems to predict whether a person will develop MS could offer a head start on treatment and slow disease progression.
Support for Hormone Replacement Therapy in Early Menopause
New HRT drugs and a focus on women approaching menopause have led the Women's Health Initiative to update its advice. Talk to your OB/GYN.
Helping Quitters Win
Smokers often need a few tries to be able to quit. Nicotine replacement therapy can help, but higher doses of this drug seem to work best.
The After-Daycare Snacking Crunch
Tired parents picking up hungry kids at daycare often stop for junk food. It's understandable, but bad nutrition. You can avoid this trap.
Busting Myths About Sun Safety
Skin cancer rates are rising among the young. It's time we saw a tan for what it is -- a sign of skin damage, not health. And no, hydrating won't protect you.
Gas Stoves Contribute to Household Air Pollution
Cooking with gas doesn't just increase air pollution in your kitchen; it can affect the air throughout your home. How to minimize exposure.
Are You Getting Your 150 Minutes a Week?
Meeting these activity guidelines adds to your likelihood of having a longer and healthier life, even if you start exercising after 55.
Neighborhoods and Breast Cancer Outcomes
People with breast cancer in more disadvantaged neighborhoods have worse outcomes than those in wealthier areas. The question is, why?
"Skinny" Drugs Save Billions in Healthcare Costs
Generic drugs that use off-patent formulas can offer the same benefits as brand-name pharmaceuticals, but often at a fraction of the cost.
Just. Try. One. Bite!
Many parents try to appease picky eaters at mealtime. But knowing a few simple strategies can help you coax kids to try new foods.