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A Less Extreme Way to Fast
Fasting rejuvenates the body and boosts longevity, but it's hard to do. The Fasting Mimicking Diet does the same and is easier to follow.
Fitness Favors Women
Women get the same health benefit as men from less exercise. They also get fitter from the same amount of exercise. Take advantage, ladies!
Do You Know the Numbers that Predict Heart Health?
Blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels are clues to cardiovascular health and easy to check, but too few know what they are.
A Diet to Reduce the Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment
Even when treatment for prostate cancer is successful, men often experience pain, incontinence and erectile dysfunction. This diet can help.
Who Suffers More in a Breakup, Men or Women?
An ingenious study looked at antidepressant use among people who had lost their relationships to death, divorce, and simple breaking up.
A Tasty Way to Cut Salt Consumption
Using a salt substitute and avoiding processed foods reduced older adults' risk of hypertension and kept meals delicious. Give it a try.
Cervical Cancer On the Rise in Low-Income Areas
PAP screening and HPV vaccines make cervical cancer largely preventable. Yet cervical cancer rates and deaths are rising in low-income counties, a serious health disparity.
Virtual Reality Support for Patients in Palliative Care
Soothing VR scenes of nature offer people in palliative and end-of-life care an opportunity for escape, reducing pain and relieving stress.
Money Worries Can Turn into Health Issues
Among the stresses of aging, one worry seems to top even bereavement and divorce: Anxiety about finances raises stress hormones the most.
Combat Veterans with TBIs Turn to Psychedelic Drug for Relief
A plant-based psychoactive drug, ibogaine, shows promise as a way to relieve symptoms of PTSD in veterans with traumatic brain injuries.
Unintended Weight Loss Could Be a Warning Sign
If you start losing weight without dieting or increasing your activity level, it could be a medical problem. Check in with your doctor.
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard
We process and recall what we write better when we write by hand instead of using a keyboard. Handwriting uses more of the brain.
A New Angle on Alzheimer’s
The broken proteins that characterize Alzheimer's appear to have another source. That suggests a new possibility for treatment.
What's So Bad about 100 Percent Juice?
Kids who drink lots of fruit juice are getting more sugar than their bodies can easily handle and gaining weight. How much is too much?
Dental Health Issues in Moms Can Be Passed on to Infants
Pregnant people, pay attention to your teeth: Certain bacteria can be passed on from mom to newborn, leading to infection and problems nursing.
It Sounds Like Gamers Need to Hear This
Many video game players are exposed to loud bursts of sound for prolonged periods of time. This can be bad news for their hearing.
Meds for Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Problems Can Be a Dangerous Mix
Men taking ED drugs like Viagra while taking BP-lowering heart meds are at far higher risk for a heart attack. Talk to your doctor first.
Plastics' High Health and Economic Costs
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in plastics can trigger medical problems like diabetes and an estimated $250 billion in healthcare expenses.
Screen Time Can Create Sensory Processing Issues
For little kids, time in front of the TV raises the risk they will become overly- or under-sensitized to sensory stimulation. Set limits.
Get More of Your Protein from Plants
Women who got most of their protein from plant-based foods like nuts, legumes, and vegetables, lived longer lives free of chronic diseases.