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Attention prospective member-subscribers. In order to register you must read the following and agree:


All information contained and displayed within the website, except that provided by third-party sponsors or including another's copyright, is the property of interMDnet Corporation, unless otherwise noted. Any reproduction, re-transmission, re-compilation or re-use for any reason whatsoever, except the personal use of the member-subscriber, requires the expressed written permission of interMDnet Corporation.


Medical information is ever-changing, transformed frequently by new research and clinical experience. While interMDnet Corporation (the "Company") makes every effort to present accurate information no warranty, expressed or implied, is offered. The member-subscriber is cautioned that all cases presented represent hypothetical patients or compilations of several patients and can never be said to duplicate the physical and clinical findings of actual patients. Furthermore, the member-subscriber should always use his/her own judgment, knowledge, experience and diagnostic decision-making before applying any information, whether provided by the Company, other member-subscribers or third parties, for any professional or personal use.

The information contained and displayed within this website is provided solely for educational and discussion purposes. It does not constitute legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed by the transmission or receipt of this information. No warranty, express or implied, is being offered. The actual law in the member-subscriber's jurisdiction may differ from that which is described within this website. The member-subscriber should seek legal advice from his or her attorney on any matters related to the subject matter described within this website.

License Agreement

A member-subscriber is granted a personal nontransferable non-exclusive license to access the website of interMDnet Corporation in order to attend and participate in its clinical conferences and other activities. This license is granted to healthcare professionals only. Any other users are strictly prohibited.

Member-Subscriber Agrees To:

  1. Be responsible for providing all hardware, software and connections necessary to access interMDnet's website.
  2. If ever applicable, pay any fees incurred, including, but not limited to, subscriber fees, CME fees, all applicable taxes, and to be responsible for all use of his/her membership.
  3. Keep secret their username and password and not allow any other person to use it.
  4. Indemnify and hold interMDnet Corporation harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees, which arise out of a member's violation of this Agreement or a member's use of any information contained or displayed within the website in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of the foregoing paragraphs entitled "Copyright" and "Disclaimer."
  5. Download material for personal use only.
  6. Place only non-copyrighted information on the public areas, unless authorization to distribute copyrighted material has been granted by copyright owner.
  7. Place on the website only information which the average person would not find abusive, pornographic or otherwise offensive.
  8. Not solicit or advertise to other members including, but not limited to, solicitations to become subscribers or members of other information services.
  9. Grant to interMDnet Corporation the right to copy, publish or distribute any information uploaded by member-subscriber.

interMDnet Corporation reserves the right to:

  1. Edit member-subscriber's Web comments.
  2. Change fees upon notice on-line.
  3. Offer member-subscribers the opportunity to participate in paid market research.
  4. Cancel a member-subscriber's subscription for violation of the license or copyright, or for any reason whatsoever, at its discretion.
  5. Modify, or even suspend, interMDnet's services at any time without prior notice.

Disclaimers of Warranty:

  1. No warranty is made that the Company's products will be accessible and operate on the member's hardware or with the member's software.
  2. No warranty is made that the service will be error-free or uninterrupted.
  3. These disclaimers apply to the Company, any and all third-parties, and to all involved in the development, production and presentation of interMDnet Corporation's content.
  4. The liability of interMDnet Corporation shall in no event be greater than the subscription fee paid by the member-subscriber.

By registering with interMDnet Corporation, receiving a username and inputting a secret password, the member-subscriber agrees to the terms of the License Agreement, and further agrees to the provisions of the foregoing paragraphs entitled "Copyright" and "Disclaimer." The member-subscriber agrees that any disputes about the License Agreement, the Company's copyright or disclaimer, or the member's obligations arising thereunder or relating thereto, shall be governed by and enforced in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York and shall be adjudicated by arbitration.

Updated: 10/01/2022