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Comment by: Emilio F. Crosby M.D. Wed., Jun. 30, 2010 at 9:15 am EDT
In relation to the article by Dr. Alcalay et al., I want to thank them very much for te information in this well designed review. Regarding the cause of EOPD, genes are no DOMINANT or RECESSIVE. "D" or "R" are the fenotypes. In general, the dominant mutations thed to be in genes that code for estructural proteins and recessive mutations then to be in genes that code for ezymes. An exampple: if the fenotype is presence of Hb S, the fenotype is dominant, because we are able to demonstrate it in heterozygotes. But if the fenotype is the presence of anemia, the fenotype is recessive, because we can only demonstrate the fenotype in homozygotes. Thank you

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