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My Selfie is Better than Yours
Selfies are fun when you are the one taking them. Others' selfies are another story.   > >
February 22, 2017

Same-Sex Marriage and Teen Suicide Attempts
The teen years can be brutal for those questioning their sexuality. Laws making same-sex marriage legal seem to help teens cope.   > >
February 21, 2017

Making Good Cholesterol Even Better
Olive oil super-charges HDL -- good -- cholesterol, so it is even more helpful to your heart.   > >
February 20, 2017

The Vasectomy of the Future
Women take note: it's possible to plug the vas deferens so sperm can't get out. And the procedure may even be reversible.   > >
February 17, 2017

E-Cigarettes Aren't Stopping Kids From Lighting Up
Yes, smoking is down, but it has seemingly nothing to do with e-cigarettes.   > >
February 16, 2017

Give Your Mind A Hedge Against Memory Problems
Some surprising — and fulfilling — ways to reduce your chances of cognitive impairment.   > >
February 15, 2017

Naughty or Nice?
With kids, personality traits are pretty contagious. So it matters who they hang out with.   > >
February 14, 2017

Powered By Protein
Protein builds muscle and muscle keeps seniors on their feet. But is vegetable protein as good for you as protein from meat or fish?   > >
February 13, 2017

Stop Fat Shaming
When overweight people are stereotyped as incompetent, lazy or ugly, it's bad for their mental and physical health.   > >
February 10, 2017

Don't Know Much about Obesity
Obesity's effects on health cut across medical areas, so doctors tend not to be trained or tested about it.   > >
February 9, 2017

The Power of Mistakes
We all make mistakes. Some of us are better about using them to good advantage, however. Here's why.   > >
February 8, 2017

Two Ways to Crank Up Your Memory
Meditation and music both appear to help preserve memory in the aging brain.   > >
February 7, 2017

Four Reasons to Join a Gym
If you are struggling with weight loss or fitness goals, check out the nearest gym. It could make all the difference.   > >
February 6, 2017

A High Tech Sleep Hazard
Baby monitors that use sensors to keep track of infants' respiration and heart rates are rarely necessary, sometimes dangerous, and can make parents crazy.   > >
February 3, 2017

A Cure for Fake News
There's a way to inoculate yourself against fake news. It starts with knowing that it's out there.   > >
February 2, 2017

Is It Really Asthma?
Many people prescribed asthma medication don't need it. Make sure you have been properly tested.   > >
February 1, 2017

"Really, Really Smart"
When 7-year-olds are asked to pick someone really smart, they choose differently than they did when they were five.   > >
January 31, 2017

The Case for Taking Teen Depression Seriously
Many parents see emotional turmoil as just part of adolescence. But it may be a sign of something more serious that therapy can change.   > >
January 30, 2017

The Carrot or the Steak?
The best way to get people on subsidies to buy nutritious food.   > >
January 27, 2017

Childbirth Is a Dark Time for Some New Moms
The anxiety and depression that can haunt new mothers are finally receiving the attention they deserve.   > >
January 26, 2017