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The Attention Span of a 5-Year-Old
In kindergarteners, attention training boosts not only attention, but intelligence and brain function.   > >
January 16, 2019

Negotiating the Minefield at the Cash Register
Snacks and candy tempt us as we wait in supermarket checkout lines. What if they weren't there?   > >
January 15, 2019

Don't Make Screen Time Rewarding
Parents who make time on digital devices a special treat end up creating even bigger problems for themselves and their kids.   > >
January 14, 2019

Keep Your Chromosomes Strong
Because it damages chromosomes, a folate deficiency can lead to dementia and mental disorders as well as birth defects.   > >
January 11, 2019

Doctor Confidential
Too few doctors give young adults private, one-on-one time to discuss sensitive issues and confidentiality.   > >
January 10, 2019

Drunk on Snapchat
Some binge drinkers like to post their partying on social media. But the platforms can be used to help problem drinkers, too.   > >
January 9, 2019

Do App-Based Therapies Work?
Online apps can help people address the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to depression. But don't quit your current treatment.   > >
January 8, 2019

Hold the Shellfish?
Serious food allergies are far less common than we tend to think, but you can develop them even in adulthood.   > >
January 7, 2019

What, Me Worry?
If you're over 50 yet too young for Medicare, healthcare costs and access are major sources of anxiety.   > >
January 4, 2019

High Tech Appetite Suppression
A tiny implantable -- and removable -- device curbs hunger automatically.   > >
January 3, 2019

Exercise Takes Years Off the Mind
Seniors who exercised and ate well had significant cognitive improvements – in as little as six months.   > >
January 2, 2019

The High Fructose Factor
Low income people used to be thin from lack of food. That has changed. Here's why.   > >
December 31, 2018

Sex and The Senior Citizen
Sex is good medicine as you age. It doesn't need to be world-class; closeness is what's required.   > >
December 26, 2018

Lift Your Heart
Strength training -- lifting weight in some way or another -- is right up there with aerobic exercise when it comes to your heart.   > >
December 21, 2018

Nature's Healing Power, Written in Your Blood
When you're stressed, it shows in your blood. Those markers improve when you spend time in greenery.   > >
December 20, 2018

Middle Schoolers at Risk
Social issues, anxiety and conduct problems can put middle schoolers at risk of substance use. Parents can take action when they know what to look for.   > >
December 19, 2018

Heart Problems and Meat-Eating
Eating meat raises your levels of a by-product of digestion that may be the missing link when it comes to red meat and heart disease.   > >
December 18, 2018

Skimping on Insulin
Many Americans cut back on insulin because of its high cost, a dangerous practice. Other countries don't have this problem.   > >
December 17, 2018

Personal Care Products and Early Puberty
Many shampoos and soaps contain endocrine-disrupting compounds that mimic the action of hormones. This is not good for girls' development.   > >
December 14, 2018

Leaving a Bad Boss Behind
Workers who have been bullied or abused by a superior often become very different managers.   > >
December 13, 2018