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Does Anything Work?
Siamak Moghadam-Kia, M.D., Rohit Aggarwal, M.D. and Chester V. Oddis, M.D.

Dr. Moghadam-Kia is Assistant Professor, Dr. Aggarwal is Associate Professor and Dr. Oddis is Professor, Myositis Center and Division of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA.

If someone is sick, goes into a coma and doesn't have health insurance, should society just let him die?

December 15, 2017
Deep Brain Stimulation's Added Parkinson's Benefits
Parkinson's patients' movement improves with DBS. It may be life-changing for cognition, too. >
December 14, 2017
Help for Those with Back Pain
Short bursts of radio waves relieved back pain in 90 percent of patients. >
December 13, 2017
The Scary Odds on Obesity
Over half of today’s kids will be obese by the time they are 35 years old.  >

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